One on One Personal Training
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TipTop’s Private Training Program is an elite program focusing on a myriad of factors geared at improving most aspects which impact the performance of an aspiring athlete. 


Some highlights of Tip Top’s Private Training Program include:

  • High energy instructors focused on the individual athlete;
  • Focus on substantially improving the energy the energy levels;
  • Accountability for the athletes’ dedication to obtaining specific goals;
  • Monitoring changes and transformations to the athlete and his/her body;
  • Designing individualized program based on the specific needs and goals of each athlete;
  • Sports performance and agility enhancement;
  • Nutritional planning to optimize


Private Training Schedule

A specialized training schedule will be designed with the input of the athlete and Tip Top’s training staff to insure that an optimal and convenient schedule is maintained. Private Training is available seven days per week, subject to availability.

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One on One Personal Training

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