NEW YOU Adult Fitness Boot Camp
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New You Adult Fitness Boot Camp is a 50 minute training program designed for adults to develop your Cardiovascular and muscle Strength while helping to Transform your body whether you are 25 or 75 years old!


Nobody gets left behind in the boot camp, train at your capacity and you will be challenged at each session. Bring a water bottle and be ready to go. This is a fun, energetic, challenging work out for adults. You will get in Tip Top shape by week four. You will meet great people, train with outstanding Boot Camp.  Counselors and will achieve great personal satisfaction.


Looking to shed some unwanted body fat and get your “fit body” back? That’s what this program is all about. If hard work and results are what you’re after, we can deliver. If you’re bored with the basic treadmill/weight training workouts you’ve been doing for 10-15 years with the same results, these workouts will make you feel athletic again! These training sessions will get your metabolism cranking throughout the rest of your day! Boot camp for women focuses on:


• Losing body fat with metabolic and interval training workouts:
• Improving core strength, which is at the center of your body’s    
   overall condition
• Improving upper body and lower body strength
• Increasing flexibility resulting in injury prevention
• Improving the mobility of body joints

• Improving your overall cardiovascular condition



Sessions are every:

Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturday mornings
   at 7:45 a.m.



10 Sessions $250.00

20 Sessions $450.00 (10% savings)

30 Sessions $637.50 (15% savings)  BEST Value!

Tip Top recommends participating in Boot Camp sessions at least two days per week.  However, registrants are free to attend on any of the available dates and times.

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NEW YOU Adult Fitness Boot Camp

Price: $250.00
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